The investigation of mineral building materials requires a very careful approach because sampling will affect the test results considerably.

Independent sampling in accordance with relevant standards by an accredited test laboratory will guarantee representative results.

Testing aggregates for further processing in concrete, tarmac, bound or unbound mixtures, or railway track ballasts is an essential component of production control.



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  • Sieving analysisSN EN 933-1
  • Resistance to fragmentation (LA value)SN EN 1097-2
  • Polished stone value (PSV) SN EN 1097-8
  • Petrography SN 670 115
  • Chemical tests SN EN 1744
  • Proctor test SN 670 330-2
  • CBR coefficient SN 670 330-47 and SN 670 321
  • Plate bearing tests on the building site SN 670 317b