Celebrate beautiful weddings or birthdays, enjoy one of the theme party ideas with the company or simply celebrate in a relaxed and undisturbed way.

With us, you immerse yourself in a world where fantasy and reality blend wonderfully. The mountain inspires and leaves a lasting memory with your guests.

The best event venue for you:

  • With 40 to 200 people, the Event-Cavern is at the top of the list of rooms where your event will be a complete success.
  •  With more than 200 people, it's off to the large "Glück auf" cavern, where event dreams of up to 500 people can be realised.
  •  Smaller groups of 20 to 40 people eat best in the cosy Hagerbach restaurant.

Would you like to make the event a little more unique? Why not consider one of our social programmes? Guided tours, challenges with fun and games or an impressive blasting demonstration perhaps?

Current Christmas Special

We're giving you a Christmas village!

Book your Christmas dinner with us and enjoy our Christmas village for free for the aperitif before heading to our unique cavern for a festive meal. Imagine a celebration accompanied by winter music and impressive effects in the festively lit tunnel - a magical world awaits you!

Free Christmas village special

Your benefits

  • Experienced event team.
  • Fresh and regional products.
  • Weather secure event location.
  • Extensions till 4 am possible.
  • Stage and space to dance available.
  • Parking directly in front of venue.

questions and answers

The most frequently asked questions about wedding celebrations at the Hagerbach Test Gallery are answered right here!

How does the catering work?

Up to 200 people:

With us you may conveniently compose your menus from our banquet brochure. There is a nice selection of served delicacies or even buffet options. Of course, this may also be combined or an individual menu created during a personal consultation.

We cook mainly with Swiss meat and source regional and seasonal ingredients when available.

The service, place settings including tablecloths and napkins as well as the tables and chairs set up by our team according to your wishes are included in the menu price.

Drinks are charged per consumption according to the banquet brochure. We have a small and fine wine selection there. If you would like to bring your favourite wine and have it served, you are welcome to do so at a tap fee of CHF 36 per bottle. This is the exact same margin that we apply to our wine range per bottle.

Caterer Dine&Shine from 200 people:

Dine&Shine is an experienced caterer for events over 200 people and are top equipped for this. Dine&Shine is our preferred partner. However, you are free to choose another professional caterer.

To enable you to cater with external providers, we charge:

  • Room rentals
  • Work on direction
  • Material/Event equipment on demand
  • Personnel costs for supervisory staff


Can we have an Apéro for the arrival of the guests?

Of course!

In the warm months and in good weather you can enjoy the aperitif in front of the gallery portal or use the front part of the Restaurant Hagerbach for the aperitif. Alternatively, you can hold the aperitif in the depths of the mountain.

We will be happy to show you the possibilities during an on-site visit.

For a successful aperitif, we recommend 2 to 3 delicious appetizers per person to whet your appetite. You will find a selection in our banquet brochure.


How much time do we need between courses?

When hosting events, it is important to find a balanced time schedule to ensure that all guests have an enjoyable experience. There should be enough time to talk to guests without anyone getting hungry or bored. At the same time, the schedule should be such that the service staff does not have to rush and the dishes can be served at the highest quality.

To accomplish this there are a few principles.

  • From the time the guests enter the room until the first course is served, at least 30 minutes. This gives the guests 15 minutes to find their seats and have a chat on the way there. Likewise, this allows the service 15 minutes for beverage service.
  • At least 45 minutes between courses, and at least 1 hour for the main course. This allows enough time to serve the dish, eat this, clear place settings and refill drinks for the next course.
  • Longer speeches or program blocks are recommended after the main course. It often happens that they last longer than planned and a time delay for the following dessert is easier to handle than for the main course, where meat should be cooked to perfection. So if the main course is served at 8:30 p.m., the block of games or speeches should start at 9:30 or 9:45.
  •  For an all-around successful event in our event location, we recommend starting the dancing or bar after dessert. Early start of dancing may lead to neglecting the dessert and guests who do not want to dance will not feel entertained.
How to decorate to make the celebration unique?

The VersuchsStollen Hagerbach is one of the most impressive event locations in Switzerland. The Event-Cavern for example already offers by nature numerous possibilities for individual decorations. Our spotlights can be customized to match your color theme, napkins are available in classic white or color-coordinated. In addition, we can project decorative subjects, movies or slide shows on the walls. For a romantic atmosphere, chair covers with bows are available, carefully assembled by our team.

Our rustic 'hay wagon' can serve as a gift table or part of the buffet, and an old wooden sleigh at the entrance to the hall can be used to elegantly present the seating arrangements. The design possibilities are many.

Get inspired by pictures on our website and arrange a personal meeting on site to find the ideal decoration.

For example, how about a photo box at the front of the restaurant to entertain your guests and capture precious memories?


Is there a technical installation available to cover our needs?

Event cavern for events up to 200 people:

Since the spring of 2022, we have been working with Winkler Livecom on the technical side. In addition to the decorative technical elements such as wall projections and colored spotlights, we now have great sound and lighting technology, which is also very easy to use. Microphones, projector and screen, amplifiers and loudspeakers as well as stage equipment - everything is available in the Event Cavern. Do you want to dance? In the event cavern there are disco lights which automatically adjust to the music. In addition, there is a disco ball and fog machine - all easily operated from a tablet.

Do you have guests who cannot travel from abroad? With our live streaming technology we can even cover such requirements!

"Glück-auf" cavern for events over 200 people:

The "Glück-auf" cavern is like a blank canvas. The setting is good. Stage elements are available on site. Hanging points for event truss and cabling for the control room is pre-installed by Winkler Livecom. All other technical equipment will be brought by our technical partner after customer agreement for the individual event and installed on site, operated during the event and then professionally dismantled again.

How long can we celebrate in the HagerbachTest Gallery?

One of the great advantages of a party in our event location in the mountain is the possibility to celebrate late into the night, without regard for other guests or neighbors. In the gallery events are possible until 4 o'clock in the morning, whereby from midnight an extra charge of CHF 220 per commenced hour is calculated.

Can guests at the Hagerbach Test Gallery get claustrophobic?

In fact, this is extremely rare. Our event cavern is located just 70 meters from the tunnel portal, and most of our tunnel rooms offer enough space that even a truck could fit through. In fact, our spaces are often more spacious than your local supermarket. A helpful clue: If your guests can drive through a highway tunnel without any problems, they are in good hands with us!

Isn't it cold in the gallery and how should our guests dress?

Our heated event spaces, including the Event Cavern and our seminar rooms, allow you and your guests to dress appropriately for your celebration. If you have activities planned outside of these rooms in the Gallery, we recommend sturdy shoes and a jacket, as it is usually about 15 degrees there, the terrain is occasionally uneven, and the ground is not as clean as in our rooms.

"Glück auf" cavern

Our largest cavern does not have floor heating and is therefore a bit more difficult to heat. Normally, the temperature there during the event is around 19 to 20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, we recommend wearing long-sleeved clothing and making sure you have good shoes, as the cold can often come up from the floor.

Where can I smoke in the gallery?

Smoking is prohibited in the restaurant, the event rooms and the seminar rooms. However, smoking is permitted in the main gallery area. This means that we can place a couple of smoking tables between the event hall and the toilet facilities so that guests can easily step out and enjoy a cigarette along with a drink without getting rained on.

Outstanding supporting activities to add on

Add on a show explosion , a guided tour or a teambuilding activity to your event.

eine der schönsten Hochzeitslocations der Schweiz verwandelt sich je Nach Motto. Hier in eine Unterwasserwelt.

An exceptionally beautiful wedding venue for the special day

Discover the hidden pearl among the wedding venues in Switzerland.

Underwater or fairy tale world, boho or gothic style, rainforest or journeys through the universe - all occasions that remain in special fond memories. We love these challenges.

What connects you as a couple? Star Wars, circus, sports, heavy metal, art......we are excited to learn more about you!

"cool for all" themed events

With the "cool for all" line, theme parties for up to 160 people take place in the perfectly suited event cavern not far from the entrance to the Hagerbach Test Gallery. A whole load of fun in an extraordinary location, very cool decorations and projections and delicious food from the in-house kitchen. If there are more than 160 people, the concepts will be moved to another location in the gallery and offered individually - please enquire!

"Deluxe" Themed events

With the "deluxe" theme parties, we offer very special and unique experiences that amaze our guests. Travelling through different themed worlds and staging in different locations in the gallery, activities to match the theme and more. The events are designed for up to 160 people, but most themes can also be realised for more guests - we will be happy to advise you individually!

Presents for guests

Time to say thank you or to let your guests remember the event just that litte bit longer?

Find out more!

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