The Hagerbach Test Gallery offers the facilities and expertise for tests, experiments, optimisation and launching of new product and technology developments for our innovative construction partners.

Companies in fields such as construction chemicals, equipment manufacturing, construction material supplies, inspection technologies and more, have improved for decades and still develop their technologies and products under optimal conditions.

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Use case SIKA

SIKA has been a partner of the Hagerbach Test Gallery for many years. It has its own tunnel section which it uses for testing, display, and storage. Building products are tested in full-scale trials in the test gallery.  The batching plant inside the tunnel produces small batches (0.5 - 1m³) and fresh concrete tests are carried out by the VSH accredited laboratory. A robotic shotcrete machine is then used for application, either with an EFNARC certified Nozzleman from SIKA or from the Test Gallery.
SIKA also frequently uses the Test Gallery for internal training, combining lectures in the seminar rooms (part of the infrastructure) with hands-on training.

Use case Diamantbohr

Diamantbohr AG describes what it does in the Hagerbach test gallery, why the gallery is the ideal test location and what it particularly appreciates about the cooperation with the team on site.


One of our most comprehensive subjects is shotcrete, with all its aspects of application. Whether it's fibre concrete or fire protection concrete, Hagerbach Test Gallery tests, develops and investigates an extremely wide range of shotcrete types. Holding training sessions and deminars, as well as a range of publications on research findings concerning shotcrete, demonstrates that when it comes to this versatile building material, our expertise is second to none.


Injection technology and behaviour on a variety of substrates can be investigated. In training sessions, participants are instructed on the strength, workability and system behaviour of injection media, both for rock and prefabricated concrete elements, with suitable cracks. They also have the opportunity to put these characteristics to the test.

Excavation methods

Throughout our history, there has been a keen interest in various excavation methods for soft and hard rock in order to optimize performance.
The Hagerbach Test Gallery offers a vast range of geological formation varying from soft slate to very hard siliceous limestone, ideal for technology development.

Fibre concrete 

We offer a wide range of services related to fibre concrete. 

The key subject areas covered in training sessions, tests and investigations include mix design optimisation, workability of fibre concrete, load-bearing capacity and fire resistance tests.


We provide a venue for the application and testing of various types of sealing systems. 

Our experience ranges from membrane foils and spray-applied membrane to drainage systems and leakage testing.

Selected research projects

  • ASTRA - FGU 2003/004 influencing factors of fire  resistance on structural concrete elements
  • ASTRA - FGU 2010/006 gas analytics for early fire  detection in tunnels
  • ASTRA - FGU 2012/005 gaining energy from tunnels  in cities, pilot tests
  • ASTRA - FGU 2010/005 longterm behaviour of synthetic  fiber reinforced sprayed concrete in tunneling
  • ASTRA - VSS 2012/403 influence of aggregates on  chlorine resistance of concrete