Can your group break the underground marble run record?

A little ambition is quickly awakened in this "hands on" team building activity. What does it take to be successful? Doers or thinkers, or maybe a good mix of both elements? Many roads lead to the goal when the marble is rolling. Bring your team's strengths to meet this challenge. Laughs and valuable conclusions about current team dynamics are guaranteed.

As we have enough space in our underground system, this experience can easily be undertaken at the same time as the standard guided tour or the Domino track building.

Video " team building on record hunt" (DE)

Hall of Fame (Podium)

Current record: 4 minutes 15 seconds

Group: Verein Sportfreunde Oberland

Date of Record set: 6th April 2023

Team strength: 8 persons

Currently 2nd: 3 minutes 26 seconds

Group: Apprentices Notter Group

Company: Notter Group

Date of Record set: 13th January 2023

Team strength: 13 persons

Currently 3rd: 3 minutes 10 seconds

Group: RECA Selection

Company: RECA

Date of Record set: 21th of November 2023

Team strength: 25 persons

Currently 4th: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Group: FMA's slow marbles

Company: FMA, Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein

Date of Record set: 22th of September 2021

Team strength: 24 persons

Currently 5th: 1 minute 28 seconds

Group: "Hörnli und G'Hackets" from the Sarganserland

Date of Record set: 19th of April 2021

Team strength: 9 persons

Game Rules

  • The goal is to let the marble roll as long as possible
  • Every 2 meters a different material must be used and at least one small change of direction must be incorporated
  • Tying with string is allowed
  • Tape is not allowed
  • Drilling holes is not allowed
  • The marble run must pass through at least one of the 2 SBB wagons
  • The starting point of the marble run can be determined by the participants themselves, but must be outside the SBB wagon
  • Only materials provided in the starting area may be used
  • During the 10-minute "rolling and measuring time", patching is still allowed; once the 10 minutes have elapsed, rolling is no longer allowed.



  • 90 minutes


  • Walk to the pitch 10 minutes
  • Instruction 5 minutes
  • Construction of the marble run 45 minutes
  • Let the marble roll and measure the record distance 10 minutes
  • Clean up 10 minutes
  • Way back 10 minutes


  • CHF 540 Package up to 25 persons
  • each additional person CHF 17

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