On this "Innovation Day", the public gets an insight into the world UNDERGROUND.

Together with our partners, we present current activities for the benefit of future generations, innovative ideas and projects. 


Experience live demonstrations by our exhibitors and partners directly in the gallery.

Details follow ...

Main-Stage Steigersaal

Exciting presentations and round tables await you on the main stage.




Roundtable  (DE)

"Wie sieht die Zukunft des Schweizer Tunnelbaus aus?"

Hosted by ETH Studentenverein
"Swiss Loop Tunnelling"




Book presentation (DE)

"Die Schweiz unter Tag, eine Entdeckungsreise"

Author: Jost Auf der Maur

Jost Auf der Maur



Speech (DE)

"Strategie des Bundes - Untergrund Schweiz"

Author: Swiss Federal Geological Commission (EGK) 

Laurent Vulliet



Roundtable (EN)

Hosted by ITACUS

Antonia Cornaro

Han Admiraal

Marilu Melo Zurita

Jost Auf der Maur

"For years, the Chur journalist and book author Jost Auf der Maur has been studying underground Switzerland. Auf der Maur presented this underground world in his book "Switzerland Underground". The author was also keen to draw attention to the enormous sacrifices made by the miners and their families to achieve this gigantic underground work. Jost Auf der Maur grew up in St. Gallen. He was a monastery pupil, night watchman, temporary postman, parachutist and sturgeon cook. For over 40 years he worked as an editor and author for various media such as "NZZ", "Geo", "Du" and "Die Zeit". With his books "Festland", "Söldner für Europa", "Xavier Mertz, verschollen in der Antarktis" and "Die Schweiz unter Tag", Auf der Maur has made a name for himself as an author and has received several awards for his work."

Laurent Vulliet

"Laurent Vulliet is professor at EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne) and past dean. He is an experienced board member (incl. listed company) and was CEO of an international engineering firm. Recognized expert in governance, risk management and geotechnical engineering, he takes leading role in setting new vision in multicultural environments.
As member of the Federal Gelogical Commission of Experts, Laurent contributed to the elaboration of the Swiss Strategy related to the Underground on order of Federal Councelor Viola Amherd."

Supporting programme

  • Explore the gallery on your own along a set route

  • Take a ride on our own tunnel train

  • Experience first-hand what it feels like when a trainwagon fills with smoke

  • Find out more about our construction materials testing laboratory

  • Enjoy all-day catering in our cosy restaurant

  • Social Media Wall

  • Picturewall

  • ... and more