On this "Innovation Day", the public gets an insight into the world UNDERGROUND.

Watch the route through the gallery and find out where all the actions happens.

Together with our partners, we present current activities for the benefit of future generations, innovative ideas and projects.


Main-Stage Steigersaal

Side Events

  • Explore the gallery on your own along a set route

  • Take a ride on our own tunnel train "Benno" (10)

  • Experience first-hand what it feels like when a trainwagon fills with smoke (8)
    Starting 9.45 h every 45 minutes

  • Building materials testing laboratory. Find out first-hand everything about the everyday work of our laboratory staff and be present during a compressive strength test of a sample cube. (3)
    Demo: 9.30-10.00 h and 14.15-14.45 h

  • Simulators. Experience even the most critical and time-consuming aspects of underground work with EFNARC's EDVIRT simulator and NORMET's shotcrete simulator. (4)

  • Enjoy all-day catering in our cosy restaurant (1)

  • Crane course. Have you ever driven a crane yourself? Try out our crane course (ground control), supervised by Campus Sursee and learn everything about the profession of crane operator. (2)

  • Bobsleigh push-off track on rails. Prove yourself with a record time at the Campus Ostschweiz stand and win one of the great prizes. Sponsored by Swiss Sliding. Beat Hefti (World Champion and Olympic Champion) and Marcel Dobler (National Council and former top bobsled pilot) will give a demonstration of a professional bobsleigh acceleration with boarding at 11.00 h (5)

  • Poster presentation of the winners of the "Zero Hagerbach" Challenge. Students from ETH, the Federal Institute of Technology, selected by a high profile jury.
    The 3 winners will present their visions and strategies for sustainable energy production in the VSH.
    Time: 10.45-11.15 h.

  • How do the emergency exit doors actually get into the tunnels? Under the leadership of Elkuch, the SCAUT consortium has developed a slide-in module for cross-cutting closures. Experience the insertion of a door live on site. (7)
    Demonstration: 10.15-10.45 h and 13.30-14.00 h. 

  • Live shotcrete demonstration. To round off the day, Normet will be offering a live shotcrete demonstration with the Aliva-257 machine. Don't miss it (9)
    Demonstration: 16.30-17.00

  • Inspiration Room (11) incl. Green Farming corner

  • Opening of Implenia Passage - innovative HS-EPS compression elements. Up to now, compression elements have been made of steel, making them heavy, expensive and cumbersome to handle. Manuel Entfellner, construction manager for the Semmering Base Tunnel and Implenia Intrapreneur, thought: There's a better way! And today he is presenting a model made of EPS/polystyrene - lighter, cheaper and safer.
    Time: 10.00 h

Timetable Side Events