The continuously growing environment in the Hagerbach Test Gallery offers optimal conditions for testing prototypes (devices, machines) as well as structural implementations (buildings, components, installations and system solutions) and their functionality.

  • Realistic environment: In the extensive network with its versatile expansion stages, surfaces and different profiles, there are always requirements that can be applied to the individual needs of the prototypes and on a scale of 1:1.

  • Constant climate: Each tunnel section has its own constant climatic conditions.  Depending on requirements, a prototype can be positioned accordingly.

  • Accessibility: We offer flexible positioning according to your needs, discreet as well as audience effective, in a test environment accessible all year round.

We will be happy to integrate your prototype into our gallery tours and help you present it to a wide target audience. (Annual number of visitors: approx. 18,000)

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Reference projects

Plug-in Crosscut Element (PCE). Source:

Plug-in Crosscut Element (PCE) 

As a structural connection between the tunnel tubes, crosscuts play a central role in the safety concept of long tunnels: In the event of an incident, they enable rapid self-rescue and evacuation of persons from the event tube to a safe area. Access is provided via so-called crosscut doors, which are installed on both sides. 

The SCAUT consortium has developed an innovative solution and built the prototype in Hagerbach

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Underground Green Farming

With the concept study "Underground Green Farming" SCAUT wants to investigate the use of underground space for the production of food. Ecological aspects play an important role (short transport routes, closed cycle management, optimisation of production conditions, etc.).

The prototype was built in the Hagerbach Test Gallery. The pilot plant with trout and lettuce from the tunnel serves the consortium for the development of the study.

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RhB prototype of the standard tunnel construction

Due to its age, most of the 115 tunnels on the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) network will have to be renovated over the next few years. RhB developed a new, standardised repair procedure for this purpose on the prototype in the Hagerbach Test Gallery: the "standard tunnel construction".

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Further examples: 

  • Underground data center
  • Sewerage training system
  • Tube garden
  • Security doors
  • Dynamic escape route lighting