Amberg Engineering offers numerous services for the entire project cycle of your infrastructure. As part of the Amberg Group we offer holistic and comprehensive consulting for the creation, operation and maintenance of underground facilities. 

Our engineers and specialists guarantee professional, state-of-the-art design and implementation. We promote quality and safety by continuous training of our employees in the latest developments in underground construction. Together with the other companies of the Amberg Group – Amberg Technologies, Amberg Loglay, Amberg Infra 7D, Amberg Infocon and the Hagerbach Test Gallery – Amberg Engineering can offer everything from providing solutions to highly specialized questions to comprehensive services for extremely large and complex construction projects.

Learn more about Amberg Enginnering at their booth in the "Glück Auf" Cavern.

Amberg Engineering Website

Aura's main goal is to use the power of nature and replace energy-intensive mechanical technologies with the efficiency of "natural technology" found in diverse life forms. This approach aims to maximize mutual benefits between humans and the planet to achieve almost no environmental impact and waste.

Aura creates "Breathing Green Wall" to purify the air using biofiltration. The biofilter consists of a patented purifying substrate integrated with specific plants. Thanks to this innovative solution, Aura System also achieved the first place in this year's Mars Habitat Challenge 2023 (May).

In "Breathing Mode", the biofilter employs fans positioned at the back to force air through it, allowing the green wall to absorb and eliminate various pollutants. These harmful particles and gases are trapped in the substrate and then removed by the plants through phytoremediation using their roots. The result is a remarkable natural purification process.

Join us on August 26 to witness the groundbreaking "Breathing Green Wall" and learn more about how Aura System is revolutionizing sustainable technologies with the power of nature to reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

Aura System Website

The future laboratory for sports, education and research is being created at Campus Ostschweiz. A visionary idea that promotes innovation and exceptional performance. A place where snow and endurance sports are possible all year round, athletes are optimally supported and find perspectives beyond sports life in an inspiring environment! This is exactly what Campus Ostschweiz wants to achieve with an underground snow sports facility. And to offer the ideal environment for unique research and also events. Learn everything about the project and the vision of Campus Ostschweiz on site.

Learn everything about the project and the vision of Campus Ostschweiz on site. In addition, you can prove yourself with a record time at the bobsleigh push-off track (sponsored by Swiss Sliding). With a team of 2-3 people you try to achieve the best push-off time and win one of the great prizes! 

We are also pleased to welcome a member of the National Council and former top bobsled pilot Marcel Dobler at the booth from 10:30 to 14:00. Before that you will find Mr. Dobler at the Round Table at 09.30 in the Steigersaal. We are also pleased about the presence of Mr. Beat Hefti, World Champion and Olympic Champion in 2-man and 4-man bobsleigh.

Beat Hefti and Marcel Dobler will give a demonstration of a professional bobsleigh acceleration with boarding at 11.00 h

 Activity Point no. 5 in the Route Map

Campus Ostschweiz Website

CUC International Centre for Geotechnics and Underground Construction

CUC’s aim with the establishment of a training center is intended to address the current global deficiencies in professional training for industry professionals. Bringing industry specialist together also enhances the global network and common understanding of the application of shotcrete.

Experience even the most critical and time-consuming aspects of underground work with EFNARC's EDVIRT simulator. Activity Point no. 4 in the seminar room Alpenqueren.

CUC Website

EFNARC is the Authoritative Voice of Contractors, Manufacturers, Raw Material Suppliers and Consultants in the Specialised Construction and Concrete Systems Industry.

EFNARC is a not for profit organisation founded in 1989 and comprises Company members and  Associate Members from Europe, Asia and Australasia. Our current focus is underground construction technology, particularly in relation to sprayed concrete having launched the Nozzleman Certification Scheme in September 2009.

Experience even the most critical and time-consuming aspects of underground work with EFNARC's EDVIRT simulator. Activity Point no. 4 in the seminar room Alpenqueren.

EFNARC Website

The Elkuch Group is a third-generation industrial family business with headquarters in the Principality of Liechtenstein and subsidiaries in Switzerland and Germany. The core competencies of the group of companies are steel trading, metal processing and plant & equipment construction.

You will find the Elkuch Group information stand directly at Activity Point no. 7 in the Route Map: Slide-in Module

How do the emergency exit doors actually get into the tunnels?

Under the leadership of Elkuch, the SCAUT consortium has developed the project "Slide-in module for transverse closure".  A door can thus be efficiently deployed in 90 minutes instead of the usual approximate 3 working days.

On 26 August you can witness the insertion of a door. 10.15-10.45 and 13.30-14.00

Elkuch Group Website

As a leading Swiss construction and real estate service provider, Implenia develops and implements living spaces, working environments and infrastructure for future generations in Switzerland and Germany. Implenia also plans and builds complex infrastructure projects in Austria, France, Sweden and Norway. Founded in 2006, Implenia can look back on a construction tradition spanning some 150 years. The company combines the know-how of highly qualified consulting, planning and execution units under one roof to form an integrated, multinational leading construction and real estate service provider.

Be there live at the opening of the "Implenia Passage" in the Hagerbach Test Galler, there will be innovative construction products to touch and an exciting insight into the holistic approach to tunneling projects.

Opening of Implenia Passage - innovative HS-EPS compression elements at 10.00 h

Up to now, compression elements have been made of steel, making them heavy, expensive and cumbersome to handle. Manuel Entfellner, construction manager for the Semmering Base Tunnel and Implenia Intrapreneur, thought: There's a better way! And today he is presenting a model made of EPS/polystyrene - lighter, cheaper and safer.

Activity Point no. 6 in the Route Map

Implenia Website

The International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association’s Committee on Underground Space (ITACUS) has been advocating the use of urban underground space for over a decade. The urban underground provides solutions for helping cities achieve manifold challenges, such as against climate change, natural disasters and urban density. Hagerbach offers ITACUS a home where it can demonstrate the validity of developing urban underground spaces.


During the Innovation Day ITACUS is located in the "Querschlag".

  • Poster presentation of the winners of the "Zero Hagerbach" Challenge. Students from ETH, the Federal Institute of Technology, selected by a high profile jury. The 3 winners will present their visions and strategies for sustainable energy production in the VSH. 
    Workshop the whole day / Students Presentation: 10.45-11.15 h

  • On the Main-Stage will be a Round Table organised by ITACUS.
    Think deep for sustainable development – an innovative approach of underground space use (EN)
    15.30-16.30 h
ITACUS Website

Normet is a world-leading, innovative technology company. They are defining the future of underground mining, tunnelling and civil engineering, helping their partners to increase safety, sustainability and productivity throughout the lifecycle of their projects.

On 26 August 2023 you will find Normet at various locations in the gallery.

On the one hand, take a look at the Normet Smart Scan in combination with Normet shotcrete equipment. Using 3D laser scanning technology, the SmartScan eliminates the need for manual scanning of shotcrete thickness, significantly increasing the safety and efficiency of the concrete spraying process. Activity Point no. 4 in the seminar room Alpenqueren.

Charged by the electric charging station, you will also find the Aliva-520 shotcrete machine at the Subspace Energy Hub stand.

To round off the day, Normet will also be offering a live shotcrete demonstration with the Aliva-257 machine - not to be missed. 
Activity Point no. 9 in the Route Map at 16.30 h

Normet Website

SCAUT bundles the accumulated knowledge, competences and technologies from underground construction as well as from other industrial sectors in order to further develop them as the first competence center of its kind worldwide and to make them available for various applications in the underground space.

SCAUT acts as a platform. It has an open know-how network and promotes the exchange of partners from a wide range of industries in order to jointly drive innovation. SCAUT regularly organizes events and workshops on current trend topics to promote the exchange between industry partners and to discuss new project approaches. In projects, SCAUT takes over the coordination & project management on behalf of the industry partners and supports in the area of promotion & marketing. All intellectual property rights (IPR) remain with the project partners.

See one of SCAUT's projects "Green Farming" in the Inspiration Room. Activity Point no. 11.

SCAUT Website

A fundamental element of SIKA's successful research and development work is the strategic focus on clearly defined core competencies.

Sika's core competencies sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcing and protecting load-bearing structures offer a wide range of applications in both construction and industry, e.g. in cars, commercial vehicles, ships and machines of all kinds.   

Visit the SIKA booth in its own gallery section - learn all about membranes, the sustainability of concrete and other projects of SIKA Schweiz AG. 

SIKA Website

SoHHytec provides onsite renewable Fuel (Hydrogen), Electricity and Heat production and storage systems which is cost-effective, cleaner and greener. SoHHytec's Technology is based on a concentrated integrated-photoelectrochemical approach. The "Arb's Pod" is an advanced system which utilizes the incoming concentrated sunlight to produce fuel, electricity and heat at the same time, achieving system efficiency as high as 70%. 

Their vision is to realise a sustainable hydrogen economy. They are working to make the fuel of the future, i.e. hydrogen, a reality today.

With this very vision and their product, SoHHytec convinced the jury of the Mars Habitat Challenge 2022 in July 2022.

Find out all about the "Arb" at their information stand in the "Glück Auf" Cavern.

SoHHytec Website

The new SUBSPACE ENERGY HUB in Switzerland offers the ideal platform for the harmonized development, prototyping and installation of new technologies that promote best practice in sustainable energy use and storage, combining both above and underground facilities to benefit our society. This will be a model ecosystem of sustainable energy storage and delivery, above and below ground, and how it supports green energy use in future cities.

Together with the partners, VSH will be transformed into a visionary sustainable and CO2 neutral underground infrastructure where construction and operation of underground space usage will be developed, prototyped, and launched, including alternative energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, advanced energy storage systems and built using environmentally friendly electric driven equipment, coupled with low carbon subspace design, materials and component choices.

See at their SSEH corner an underground charging station where Normet's Aliva-520 shotcrete machine is charging.

SubSpace Energy Hub Website

Swiss Loop Tunneling is the official ETH Zurich student team participating in Elon Musk's Not-A-Boring competition. Their vision is to lead the research on the infrastructure that will make the (hyper)loop concept a reality. 

We are pleased to welcome Swiss Loop Tunneling with their brand new erosion system of Groundhog Beta machine. The brand new erosion system is designed for the sticky clay soils of Bastrop, Texas. To deal with the highly plastic clay, the system is equipped with a soil conditioning mechanism that pumps a special foam to the front of the machine to alter the cohesive and adhesive properties of the soil. Come see the erosion system in action in the "Glück Auf" Cavern.

Don't miss the roundtable in the Steigersaal, moderated by Swiss Loop Tunneling, on "What's the Future of Swiss Tunneling?" at 9.30-10.30 h.

Swissloop Tunneling Website

We also welcome Switzerland Innovation Park East with an exciting information stand in the "Glück Auf" Cavern. Let us explain the concept of Switzerland Innovation Park East to you.

Innovations can be created when decisive key factors come together within a short time: an unbeatable business idea, know-how, the right partners, the right infrastructure. This is exactly where the Switzerland Innovation Park East (SIP East) comes in. We connect knowledge, people and technology to bring innovations to life. We promote collaboration between companies, startups and universities to find collaborative and interdisciplinary solutions to pressing global challenges.

Switzerland Innovation Park Ost Website

WEBAC PU, silicate, acrylate and cement hybrid systems of our Consolidation Line solve many problems in tunneling, mining and dam construction: stopping water ingress, sealing and stabilizing substrates and rock mass. They are also suitable for annular gap injections and pre-excavation rock consolidation. WEBAC offers a wide range of economically and ecologically sustainable injection resins with mining or DIBt approval.

Their resins are also used in special civil engineering for slope stabilization or foundation pit sealing to fill and consolidate subsidence and cavities under foundations and floor slabs.

WEBAC products are highly adaptable to all situations and changes on site. 

WEBAC Website