Startups 2022

These five startups have pitched their projects successfully in 2022 and where invited to showcase their projects at a hybrid event. The winner was selected via an online voting during the event.

Winner 2022

SoHHytec SA, Lausanne, Switzerland - Solar Fuel, the smarter way.

SoHHytec provides onsite renewable Fuel (Hydrogen), Electricity and Heat production and storage systems which is cost-effective, cleaner and greener. SoHHytec's Technology is based on a concentrated integrated-photoelectrochemical approach. The "Arb's Pod" is an advanced system which utilizes the incoming concentrated sunlight to produce fuel, electricity and heat at the same time, achieving system efficiency as high as 70%. 

We look forward to working together on the proof of concept.

SoHHytec Website

Swoxid, Lausanne, Switzerland

SWOXID developed a gravitational solar-thermal water purifier, which filters and sterilizes contaminated water with sunlight. It does not require electricity, nor dosage of chemical agents to provide the sterilization effect.  

Swoxid Website

Open-ATS, Zurich, Switzerland

Efficient autonomous local transport solutions by offering a scalable 3D printed ground vehicle

Open-ATS Website

Mixteresting GmbH, Leonding, Austria

Mixteresting AI designs and optimizes concrete mixtures for special use cases. Through their  discoveries you can develop better mixtures in a fast and simple way.

Mixteresting Website

LYS Technologies, Copenhagen, Denmark

Enabling healthier living with light and making it available for everyone

LYS Website