Preferred Catering Partner: Dine&Shine

d&s celebrates event gastronomy

That's exactly why dine&shine is our first choice. Experience and know-how are there, but above all enthusiasm shines through. We don't want to offer our clients 08:15 solutions and dine&shine knows how to go in the opposite direction and deliver a unique and unforgettable event.

Let dine&shine advise you at any time and here on site at the Hagerbach Test Gallery. Because when we work together, we are unbeatable.

Tradition and innovation

dine&shine was founded in 2005 as a creative pinprick of a large gastronomy group and has since successfully established itself in the livecom industry.
Meanwhile, 25 permanent employees work as part of the dynamic company. Dine&Shine is independent, can plan for the long term and can thus offer and implement all kinds of crazy ideas.

The Hagerbach Test Gallery can be reached by d&s in just a short time thanks to the good motorway connections to the creative kitchen.

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Important Information

Our own Hagerbach Catering-Team is motivated and competent, but caterings in corporation with our catering partners are not only allowed, but especially for large scale events with more than 200 guests a clever choice.

To make caterings with external operators available to you, we charge:

  • Room hire
  • Labour cost for supervision
  • Special work on request

Catering needs can be organised directly with the catering partner of choice.

  • Events without a supervision through the Hagerbach Test Gallery are not permitted for security reasons.
  • Offers are individually modelled to your needs.
  • Quality is of upmost importance to us. As such only professional caterers are allowed.
  • Self-catering is not permitted
  • dine&shine is our preferred partner, but you may of course also choose another professional caterer.

Room overview

  • The "Glück auf" cavern for large scale events till 500 persons
  • the Event-Cavern till 200 persons
  • or maybe a completely different location inside the mountain labyrinth.

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