Why a theme event?

A themed event is a great way to add a little variety to a company celebration. A theme tempts many people to come out of their shells. The guests make an effort to find a suitable outfit and the event is lived instead of just consumed. These are the parties that will be talked about for a long time.

Why does a themed event work especially well at the Hagerbach Test Gallery?

The Hagerbach Test Gallery has a wide variety of rooms that can be used for events, so we have selected the best locations depending on the theme - usually even several per event. We also have the advantage that we can easily create new worlds with projections on the rock walls.

How a themed event can minimise the stress of party planning?

We serve the event concepts "fully planned". We organise the decorations, the entertainment, the food - in fact, everything that happens at the Gallery. So all you have to worry about is that the guests show up on time and return home safe and sound at the end of the day.

"cool for all" themed events

With the "cool for all" line, theme parties for up to 160 people take place in the perfectly suited event cavern not far from the entrance to the Hagerbach Test Gallery. A whole load of fun in an extraordinary location, very cool decorations and projections and delicious food from the in-house kitchen. If there are more than 160 people, the concepts will be moved to another location in the gallery and offered individually - please enquire!

"Deluxe" Themed events

With the "deluxe" theme parties, we offer very special and unique experiences that amaze our guests. Travelling through different themed worlds and staging in different locations in the gallery, activities to match the theme and more. The events are designed for up to 160 people, but most themes can also be realised for more guests - we will be happy to advise you individually!

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