Stone age adventure gastronomy inside the rock

A motto event for up to 180 people

The guests appear in stone age outfits. The aperitif takes place in the rustic cave, illuminated by candlelight.
Six hunters are chosen who use bows and arrows to secure dinner in the stone age cavern.

Between the courses, guests can indulge in cave painting and let off steam playing Stone Age bowls.

The food remains true to the theme:

Anything that can be hunted or gathered is allowed in the Stone Age diet. So a great mixture of salad, vegetables, eggs, mushrooms, berries, fruits, meat, fish and game awaits your guests.

Yabba Dabba Doo!



  • Basic price CHF 7590
  • plus CHF 140 per person for catering


  • Premises and decoration
  • Projection/animation on the walls
  • Support with archery
  • Supervision cave painting and boccia
  • Moderation and technology by VSH
  • Apéro (Selection Hagerbach)
  • Three course menu "Stone Age"
  • Drinks with wine, beer, water and coffee
  • Service

Optional, but ideal for the experience:

  • Big Bang blasting demo CHF 750
  • Fire artist (subject to availability) CHF 2750
  • Photobox with unlimited prints CHF 1290

Image Gallery Flintstones Party