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Amidst the breathtaking landscape of Eastern Switzerland lies a hidden gem for weddings - a place where love blossoms. Welcome to our exclusive wedding venue that will make your special day unforgettable. If you are looking for an exceptional wedding venue, you will find us the perfect setting for a dream wedding.

Our special service and attention to detail will ensure that your wedding runs smoothly and exceeds your expectations. Our experienced team is here to help you plan and execute your wedding, taking care of every aspect to ensure your vision comes true.

Whether you want an intimate ceremony or a glamorous celebration, our flexible spaces offer endless possibilities. We offer a comprehensive selection of options to make your wedding unique and memorable. Your wedding as individual as you are! For example, how about starting your new phase of life with an impressive explosive bang?

Let yourself be enchanted by our unique atmosphere and create unforgettable memories on your special day. Discover the hidden gem among wedding venues in Switzerland and let us bring your dream wedding to life together.


Swiss Location Award 9.2 out of 10 Points

A wedding celebration in a location that fits you!

We transform the event cavern as desired for our happy couples.

Underwater or fairy tale world, boho or gothic style, rainforest or journeys through the universe - all occasions that remain in special fond memories. We love these challenges and are already looking forward to the next themed wedding celebrations with Harry Potter and Winter Magic.

What connects you as a couple? Star Wars, circus, sports, heavy metal, art......we are excited to learn more about you!

Your benefits

  • Never have to worry about bad weather
  • Partying until 4am is possible
  • Party without disturbing or disturbances
  • Sufficient free parking directly in front of the Test Gallery entrance
  • Great value for money

Most romantic "Chällerphone"

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questions and answers

The most frequently asked questions about wedding celebrations at the Hagerbach Test Gallery are answered right here!

How does the catering work?

With us you may conveniently compose your menus from our banquet brochure. There is a nice selection of served delicacies or even buffet options. Of course, this may also be combined or an individual menu created during a personal consultation.

We cook mainly with Swiss meat and source regional and seasonal ingredients when available.

The service, place settings including tablecloths and napkins as well as the tables and chairs set up by our team according to your wishes are included in the menu price.

Drinks are charged per consumption according to the banquet brochure. We have a small and fine wine selection there. If you would like to bring your favourite wine and have it served, you are welcome to do so at a tap fee of CHF 36 per bottle. This is the exact same margin that we apply to our wine range per bottle.

Can we have an Apéro for the arrival of the guests?

Yes, with pleasure. During the warmer months and in good weather, we offer the possibility of holding the aperitif in front of the Stollen portal or using the front part of the Restaurant Hagerbach for the aperitif. Of course, it is also possible to hold the aperitif in the depths of the mountain.

We would be happy to show you the possibilities during an on-site visit.

Together with the drinks, we recommend serving 2 to 3 fine canapés per person, no more, to keep up the appetite for what is to come. You will find a selection in the banquet brochure.

How does it work with the wedding cake?

Sometimes less is more. A three or four course meal with dessert buffet and a beautiful wedding cake? Sound good? Absolutely, but we've found that while the act of cutting the cake makes for a nice memory, afterwards the cake gets a bit lost with the other desserts and at the end of the celebration large portions of the cake are taken home. A pity, really.

What works better?

The cake is not to be dispensed with, that's part of it somehow. But maybe instead of the big dessert buffet:

  • one plate served with three small dessert variations and the cake on plates for the middle of the tables
  • the cake served from the buffet and complemented by our elegant chocolate fountain
  • a piece of cake served in combination with another dessert, perhaps a matching ice cream or sorbet?
  • a piece of cake served as a separate course and a cheese platter including stollen-matured alpine cheese to round off the menu.

Can we bring the wedding cake ourselves and what else do we need to be aware of?

We do not specialise in cakes and therefore highly recommend ordering from someone with a passion for wedding cakes. The cake can be stored in our cooler until use by arrangement. For a cost of CHF 8 per person we will help with the cake presentation, cake cutting, serving and take care of plates and cutlery.

We recommend that you do not use a fondant coating on cakes in August and September, as the humidity is high in these months and the fondant quickly becomes soft. When soft, the cake is difficult to cut and the stability of multi-tier cakes can suffer.

How much time do we need between courses?

A good balance of time should be found at a celebration to make it enjoyable for all guests and the happy couple. There should be enough time to talk to the guests without anyone going hungry or bored. At the same time, the schedule should be such that the service does not have to rush and the dishes can be prepared to the point - resulting in the best quality.

To achieve this, there are a few basic principles.

  • From the time the guests enter the room until the first course is served, at least 30 minutes. This gives the guests 15 minutes to find their seats and have a chat on the way there. Likewise, this allows the service 15 minutes for beverage service.
  • At least 45 minutes between courses, at least 1 hour for the main course. This allows enough time to serve the dish, eat this, clear the place settings and refill the drinks for the next course.
  • Longer speeches or games are recommended after the main course. It is often the case that these take longer than planned and a time delay for the following dessert is easier to handle than for the main course, where meat should be cooked to perfection. So if the main course is served at 8.30pm, the block of games or speeches should start at 9.30 or 9.45pm.
  • Dancing or bar service only after dessert. If dancing starts too early, the dessert will be lost and guests who do not wish to dance will be bored. If dance blocks are desired between courses, it is highly recommended to time these blocks and stick to the times. This way you provide a good experience for all guests and ensure a nice service.
  • We recommend appointing a "Best Man/Brides Maid" who, together with our Chef de Service, will take care of everything important during the celebration. After all, you as the wedding couple should be able to simply enjoy the celebrations without having to worry about timings!

How to decorate to make the celebration unique?

The Hagerbach Test Gallery can already offer a lot in the Event-Cavern to decorate the celebration individually. Our spotlights can be colour-coordinated with your colour theme, napkins come in classic white or equally colour-coordinated. Decorative subjects, films or slide shows can be projected onto the walls and, for an additional charge, chair covers with bows are available, which are lovingly fitted and tied by our team to create a romantic atmosphere. Our rustic "hay cart" is ideal as a gift table or can also be integrated as a buffet and at the entrance to the hall an old wooden sleigh is available where the seating arrangements can be elegantly presented.

Table decorations can be ordered from a florist or wedding planner or can be added with the candlesticks we have (5-armed, silver, 78cm high) for only CHF 25 per piece including candles.

There are so many possibilities! The best way to find the right one for you is to let yourself be inspired by the pictures on our website and to be advised in a personal conversation on site. For example, how about a photo box at the front of the restaurant to entertain guests and capture beautiful memories?

Is there a technical installation available to cover our needs?

Since spring 2022, we have been working with Winkler Livecom on the technical side. In addition to the decorative technical elements such as wall projections and coloured spotlights, we now have great sound and lighting technology, which is also very easy to operate. Microphones, projector and screen, amplifiers and loudspeakers as well as stage equipment - everything is available in the Event Cavern. Do you have guests who cannot travel from abroad? With our live streaming technology, we can even cover such requirements!

How long can we celebrate in the HagerbachTest Gallery?

One of the great advantages of having a party inside the mountain is that you can celebrate deep into the night without disturbing anyone. There are no other hotel guests calling to turn down the music and no neighbours to break up the party. With us at the Stollen, events are possible until 4 am. From midnight onwards, a flat rate of CHF 220 is charged for each hour that passes.

Will there be other events in addition to our party?

No! It is very important to us that our team can concentrate completely on your event. It may well be that a guided tour or other group experience takes place on the morning of the celebration, possibly in connection with a lunch. It may also be that another event is taking place the night before and we will do everything we can to help you set up on the day of the ceremony so that you don't have any extra stress - but on day X, from guest arrival to the end of the ceremony, the location is entirely reserved for you.

How do we entertain the children during the wedding reception?

When celebrating in our Event-Cavern, the associated "Alphüttli" can be used as a children's room. There, the children can have a little time to themselves and still be in the middle of the celebration. Painting, watching Netflix or playing with our large Hubelino marble run - the children will never get bored. You can eat in the children's group in the Alphüttli or together with the parents in the event cavern. Up to 5 toddler seats are already provided. If the little ones are too tired to party, the Alpenqueren seminar room can be used as a temporary "sleeping place" so that the parents can party longer.

Are there any special social programmes to entertain our guests?

The Stollen offers many possibilities:

  • An aperitif in the rustic Stollen marks the start of a unique evening.
  • A blasting demonstration is a great way to end the aperitif inside the Stollen and usher in the rest of the celebrations, or as highlights to "blast" your way into the new phase of your life.
  • If you as the wedding couple have planned a private wedding shoot, the guests can be entertained with a guided tour of the company, for example. 
  • Further inspiration for social programmes can be found here

Can guests at the Hagerbach Test Gallery get claustrophobic?

No, that only happens in very rare cases. The event cavern is only 70 metres from the tunnel portal and most of our rooms in the tunnel are so large that you could drive through them in a lorry. So when you go shopping at your local supermarket, you will find tighter spaces than ours. Take the following as a guideline: If your guest can drive through a motorway tunnel without panicking, he is in good hands with us!

Can a wedding ceremony be held in the gallery?

Yes, very much so! The tunnel system offers many extraordinary locations for a ceremony. Various locations in the rocky and rustic mountain for a unique atmosphere, in front of our data centre for couples with an IT affinity or in our Steigersaal, which is individually furnished for you.

Let us advise you on site to find the right location for you. Some of the Test Gallery can be viewed virtually to give you a better feeling of the place.

Isn't it cold in the gallery and how should our guests dress?

Our restaurant area with the event cavern and our seminar rooms are all heated. You and your guests may therefore dress elegantly to match the celebration. If you have planned programme items in the gallery outside these rooms, we recommend wearing good shoes and a jacket at this time. It is only about 15 degrees, sometimes a little uneven and the floor is not as clean as in the restaurant.


Where can I smoke in the gallery?

Smoking is prohibited in the restaurant, the event cavern and the seminar rooms. However, smoking is permitted in the main gallery area. This means that we can place a couple of smoking tables between the restaurant and the toilet facilities so that guests can easily step out and enjoy a cigarette along with a drink without getting rained on.

How much does a wedding celebration cost at the Hagerbach Test Gallery?

It is important to us that each wedding celebration is individually tailored to the wedding couple. That's why it's difficult to make general statements about the costs of a wedding here. However, we will try to show you below what you should budget for. (based on an example with a wedding party without ceremony with 80 people)

  • only possible if room is available
  • offered if catering by VSH
  • Supervision of set-up until 4 p.m. free of charge

Aperitif meal 2 pieces per person CHF 7.80 x 80 = CHF 624

3 course menu per person CHF 93.50 x 80 = CHF 7480

  • Melser Whitewinesoup with cream topping, croutons and herbs
  • Pork fillet with calvados sauce
  • Wedding cake and chocolate fountain with fresh fruit

Drinks (on consumption basis) Experience value per person approx. CHF 50 x 80 = CHF 4000

Chair covers with bow, rental and assembly CHF 10.50 per chair x 80 = CHF 840

Candlestick 5-armed, silvery, 78cm high with stick candles CHF 25 per piece x 10 = CHF 250

Extension until 2am, 2x CHF 220 = CHF 440
(from midnight onwards CHF 220 per hour, possible until max. 4 a.m.)

Room rental Event-Cavern including permanently installed technical equipment and cleaning is included in the price of food and drinks.

Room Rental for Set-up-day (day before) CHF 385

Total CHF 14'019

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