Learn more about our silver partner CREABETON BAUSTOFF AG

Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival is supported by the gold partners ACO AG and Amberg Group Ltd and the silver partners CREABETON BAUSTOFF AG, Implenia, Sika Schweiz AG / Sika Services AG and WEBAC-Chemie GmbH.

Yesterday, today and in the future 

CREABETON BAUSTOFF AG offers the full product range

Whether for gardening and landscaping or structural, civil engineering and road construction, we cover the full range of concrete products and solutions. Let's look back- once we supplied the simple concrete product, today we supply concrete products together with consulting, know-how and added value in all aspects of construction, deliver and partly even move them. In the future, our customers will also receive digital information and data for BIM-compliant planning, implementation and maintenance to go with our product portfolio. 

However, our customers do not need to look into a crystal ball or build castles in the air. The construction industry is and will remain tangible, down-to-earth and close to reality. We are already preparing our products as 3D models and enriching them with BIM data. The transmission of the 3D model via IFC file is the ideal case for us today. Continuity and collaboration from planning to maintenance are always the big goal. 

Smart and future-oriented solutions on all levels. For example, CREABETON BAUSTOFF AG is working on an Intelligent Tree Pit in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences East to extend and improve the future life of urban trees. The data-based monitoring of the trees provides insights for improvement as well as for the reduction of resources used. After all, only when problems such as urban overheating are tackled at the roots do forward-looking projects bear fruit.  

Forward-looking projects always start with strong partnerships: 

Allplan Schweiz AG / Link https://www.allplan.com/ch_de/

JC Development AG / Link https://www.jcd.swiss/

HSR University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil / Link https://ost.ch/de/