WHERE Athens, Greece
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The Greek Tunnelling Society organizes the World Tunnel Congress 2023 in the city of Athens. The WTC is the premier annual event of the International Tunnelling Association (ITA-AITES) and is considered as the top attended tunnelling conference in the world with the participation of more than 2000 professionals. 

The theme of WTC 2023 “EXPANDING UNDERGROUND”, will focus on the Knowledge and Passion that our industry offers to Make a Positive Impact on the World. WTC 2023 in Athens, that will be carried out in hybrid mode, will highlight on the multiple advantages and solutions that underground space can provide, at the prospect of a whole new era of smart technology, where sophisticated “digital tools” change investigation, design, construction and operation methods and strategies rapidly.

Amberg Participation

Visit our booth 100/101 and take the opportunity to meet our market representatives and experts and learn more about our subsurface infrastructure and maintenance solutions. We would be pleased to welcome you. Get an insight into Amberg's stunning projects and learn from the tunnelling professionals of the Amberg Group. Our experts made various papers to exchange experiences and share innovative ideas on how Amberg is going to shape the digital future.

WTC 2023