Diverse and remarkable developments and prototypes have already been created underground. Researchers from all over the world estimate and appreciate the unique working constellation that the Hagerbach test gallery has to offer.
The Hagerbach test gallery proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary. The mining engineer Rudolf Amberg founded the company in 1970 with the aim of creating a unique environment for experiments and innovations. In this article we take a look at innovative developments in the VSH and let ourselves be inspired for the next 50 years.

Underground Green Farming – sustainable use of fallow infrastructure
Urban Farming is already taking place in many cities and is a topic that is attracting the interest of many organisations, cities and universities. The many positive aspects (short transport distances, fresh products, upgrading of the urban environment, use of urban space etc.) are convincing and show great potential. Occasionally, the underground space is already being used for the production of agricultural products in urban areas (old underground stations) or in existing underground spaces (bunkers, caverns, etc.).

With the concept study "Underground Green Farming", SCAUT, together with industrial partners, is specifically investigating the use of the underground space for the production of food. Underground, the climate is always constant and can also be very well controlled. Optimum conditions for the cultivation of a wide range of food products. And ecological aspects also play an important role here: short supply routes in combination with recycling management and self-regulating supply systems. 

The existing test facility already supplied the VSH's own restaurant with food. In future, the knowledge gained could also influence cultivation methods in extraterrestrial camps on the moon or Mars.

More Information: https://www.scaut-association.com/de/Use-Concept-Studies/Category/Use-Concept-Studies/Underground-Green-Farming

Underground Data Center – the "invisible" data processing centre
Due to increasing urbanisation worldwide, the advent of the Internet of Things and the general pressure on land use, underground data centres (UDC) will become increasingly important in the future of our urban environment. A key aspect is location: UDCs can be built closer to the users than conventional above-ground data centres. Data security, resilient data storage and digital independence from the outside are therefore major issues. One way to master all three challenges economically: Moving underground! 

Underground data centres can be an alternative, which mitigate many of the negative side effects, if they are designed and constructed accordingly. Small to medium-sized underground data centres offer even greater potential in this respect. In addition, they can be built in a modular fashion, which offers additional flexibility in use.

SCAUT, together with its industrial partners Dätwyler Cabling Solutions, Amberg Engineering, Siemens Switzerland and GEOEG, has built an UNDERGROUND EDGE DATA CENTER in a real underground environment – the Hagerbach test gallery. The concept study 'Small to medium-sized Underground Data Centers', which was prepared in parallel, is intended to provide developers, users and operators with a sound basis for decision-making when comparing above-ground and underground solutions for small to medium-sized data centres.

Visit the website: www.edge-computing-underground.com

Tunnel Digitalization Center – building the bridge from the real to the digital world
The Tunnel Digitalization Center (TDC) offers the unique opportunity to experience the interaction and transformation from real to digital live in the tunnel. New technologies and innovative concepts can thus be demonstrated on a 1:1 scale, which leads to a better understanding of complex procedures and processes as well as high level of cost-efficiency.

The possible applications of the digital twin are unlimited and offer the unique opportunity to experience digitisation throughout the project phase. From BIM and electromechanical equipment to operation and digital services in maintenance: In the Tunnel Digitalization Center, solutions across the entire value chain and life cycle are demonstrated and made tangible.

The "Tunnel Digitalization Center" project was initiated by the Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT). Amberg Engineering AG with its expertise in infrastructure construction, Amberg Technologies for surveying and scanning, Siemens AG for automation, Elkuch Group AG as expert for door systems, HBI Haerter AG for tunnel ventilation simulations and TLT-Turbo GmbH as the world's leading fan expert were won as industrial partners.

Convince yourself of the added value of digital system solutions and interaction with the real tunnel environment and visit the tunnel digitisation centre in the Hagerbach test gallery. https://www.tunneldigitalizationcenter.com/de/Home


The great innovative power of the underground
The biggest advantage in the environment of the Hagerbach test gallery is the possibility to network all prototypes with each other. The knowledge and learning effects from one area can be directly adapted to other fields of application. The Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT), which is an international leader in the use of the underground, plays a key role here. With its engineering, innovative concepts and state-of-the-art ICT, it makes a significant contribution to the creation of future underground spaces and to relieving the burden on metropolitan areas and conurbations. 

The SCAUT Support Association is open to all interested parties for a small membership fee and provides a platform for the exchange of innovative ideas. Further information: https://www.scaut-association.com/de/

Find out more at the webinar "SCAUT -innovating for underground space", which takes place on 16 December 2020 from 14.00 - 15.00 hrs.

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