We were able to celebrate a premiere a few days ago. Our first hybrid fire resistance test.

A hybrid fire test? We introduce:

Starting situation: Carrying out a special fire resistance test/fire test at the customer's request. Physical participation by customers not possible due to COVID 19. In addition, long journeys (Bern, France) for a test lasting 30 minutes.

Solution: Live broadcast of the test with 2 cameras (fire kiln and fire laboratory) and integration of the data recording in order to visually follow the behaviour of the test specimen. Video and audio connection to the test supervisor in order to be able to ask questions about the course of the temperature curves in real time.

COVID 19 prompted us to find new ways and from this the Hagerbach Academy concept was born at our company. LINK to Hagerbach Academy

In this case, these new approaches have contributed to safety. Without the hybrid implementation, the test would have been postponed to an uncertain date. Now, not only could the test be conducted, but the test director got the data in real time, could add other team members to learn from the findings of the test, and because he saved himself the journey, not only was the environment spared, but it is also SAFE to say that he had won time.

The next test in March will also be broadcast live.

Hagerbach Academy