Sewer structures for waste water management and flood spillways are indispensable infrastructures for our society and for the protection of the environment.

Sustainable and foresighted management as well as conservation of value require a sound knowledge of the condition of the structures. Systematic and periodic condition surveys and analyses are fundamental requirements.

The Amberg Group offers a comprehensive range of services with specialised engineers for the range of tasks involved in sewers.

The prevailing competitive pressure forces all those involved, especially the builders, to calculate with pointed pencil. Checking the quantities shown, working out variants or special proposals are only a small part of possible services.

  • Geological exploration
  • Feasibility study
  • Construction project
  • Tender
  • Geomechanical and static model calculation
  • Stability analysis and control
  • Dynamic investigations
  • Fire protection concept and tests
  • Safety concept
  • Evacuation planning


Large construction projects are increasingly being awarded as total contractor contracts. We have a great deal of experience in this field, which enables us to contribute to the economic advantage for all parties involved.

  • Implementation project
  • Construction supervision
  • Superstructure management
  • Measurement monitoring
  • Blast and vibration monitoring
  • Application planning for underground installations
  • Quality control

Determining the actual structural and hydraulic condition of a sewer or special structure, drawing up plans in CAD, checking the static situation, 3D laser scanner measurement and material testing, can all be carried out by a single source. We have the most modern, partly self-developed technical aids and programs at our disposal.

  • Building inspection
  • Condition analysis
  • Value conservation and maintenance planning
  • Repair and renewal
  • Structural alteration
  • Conversion and dismantling

We take over all kinds of construction management and superstructure management tasks and advise the client in many matters. Cost control, expert opinions or a "second opinion" can be worked out for you.  All the national languages spoken in Switzerland are spoken and written. Technicians and engineers receive ongoing supplemental training and are always up to date.

  • Project supervision
  • Project management as client representative
  • Controlling
  • Risk management
  • Consulting and Expertise
  • Training sessions
  • Safety inspection

Project: Speicherkanal Länggasse, Bern

Service: Bauprojekt, Ausschreibung, Bauleitung, Materialprüfung; SIA Phase 31-53

Constructor: Civil Engineering Office Bern

Project: Luzern Werkleitungstrasse A2, Luzern

Service: Feasibility study, preliminary and pilot project, construction project, tender, site management; SIA Phase 21-53

Constructor: Building Department of the Canton of Lucerne,Transport and Infrastructure Lucerne (vif)

Project: Kanal Leimgrubenweg Basel

Service: condition assessment, preliminary project, project planning, cost/benefit analysis, material testing; SIA phase 31-51

Constructor: Civil Engineering Office of the City of Basel, municipal drainage system

Project: Krienbachkanal, Luzern

Service: 3D laser scanning, acquisition of image and geometric information

Constructor: REAL – Recycling und Entsorgung Abfall Luzern

Project: Kanal Hardhof, Zürich

Service: Execution project, site management, static recalculation, material technology investigations, quality control, 3D laser scanning; SIA Phase 51-53

Constructor: Civil Engineering Office of the City of Zurich

Project: Lukasmüli, St. Gallen

Service: condition recording, assessment, material testing

Constructor: City of St. Gallen, Waste disposal