Concrete does not burn, but it can be critically damaged in a fire.

During an intense fire humidity inside the concrete evaporates and results in a build-up of pressure. Spalling of concrete may occur if the pressure cannot be released. As such, reinforcement is not sufficiently protected and may lead to the instability of the structure.

At the Hagerbach Test Gallery we have been monitoring and testing the spalling of concrete and its protection systems for years.

Our test facility is accredited by the accreditation body, Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) under the norm EN 1363-1 (fire resistance tests) and for fire resistance on concrete (own method) with the specification under the norm ISO 834 (ETK), RWS, ZTV-ING, EBA, HC or data of the client accredited (STS 0060).

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  • 150 cm x 150 cm testing field
  • Up to 1.3 Megawatt heating power
  • Uniform-temperature-time-curve (ISO 834)
  • Outer-temperature-curve EN 13501-2
  • RWS-temperature-curve
  • EBA-temperature-curve
  • ZTV-ING-temperature-curve
  • HC, HCmod, HCinc-temperature-curve