Fun Factor is key

An experience for 9 to 60 people.

The little brother of the Hagerbach Challenge reveals a nice alternative to the original when time and budget are a bit tighter.

True to the motto "small but powerful", the "Fun Factor" is very much in vogue in the "light" Challenge.

The concept is simple: Five posts, one tunnel, one and a half hours and a lot of fun! The groups of three to twelve people are guided safely from post to post by a guide who knows the tunnels. This allows the participants to devote themselves entirely to the games and at the same time enjoy the unique atmosphere in the tunnel.


Here teambuilding takes place playfully

The following posts are waiting to be conquered:

  • Marble track design and construction
  • Domino stones in NEAT profile
  • The highest building block tower wins
  • Spaghetti strainer header
  • Cracking puzzle boxes

At the end of the competition, the points achieved will be added up and the winning group will have the opportunity to take a winner's photo.

Persons who do not want to take part in the Challenge form another group and go on the ninety minute standard tour.


  • The Challenge can be held in any weather and all year round.
  • Group size: 3 to maximum 12 people (5 to 8 people per group is ideal)
  • The five items of the "light" version cannot be exchanged with other items from the original Hagerbach Challenge.
  • Time: 95 minutes 
  • For the group with the highest number of points there will be a winning photo.
  • An even distribution of the participants in groups guarantees a fair competition.


  • Flat rate CHF 1200 for the first three groups together
  • for each further group CHF 200 (maximal 5 groups possible)


  • Unique experience in the tunnel with lots of fun and games
  • Support staff
  • 1 winner trophy to take home
  • Winning photo on, if desired

Image Gallery Challenge Light

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