Time for music

Our spaces deliver an exclusive and mystical atmosphere for concerts and parties. 

Event organisers of parties with a DJ or intimate concerts of up to 500 persons find with our rooms an ideal location that offers a "wow factor.” In particular for classical music it is very well suited, since the mountain interior amplifies the sound additionally. 

The event cavern is located near the entrance. As it is connected to the Restaurant Hagerbach, the event cavern is ideal for "Concert & Dine"-events and functions up to 200 persons.

The "Glück-auf"-cavern deep inside the mountain offers an extraordinary backdrop for all sorts of events up to 500 Persons and has witnessed many legendary parties and concerts in the past.

Every event is different. We are happy to discuss all possibilities on site and respond individually to your needs. 

Your benefits

  • Backstage rooms available
  • Individual event consultation
  • Location possesses "wow factor"
  • Flexible catering options
  • Party undisturbed till 5am

Image Gallery concerts and parties