An experience for up to 40 people.

In the shooting centre inside the tunnel, your group can test their accuracy with real ammunition. The offer is also suitable for beginners.

The following disciplines can be booked:

  • Shotgun, CHF 29 per person 4 shots at 30m, target: running hare
  • Pistol, CHF 29 per person 10 shots at 10m, target: man's target
  • Large caliber, CHF 35 per person 4 shots at 100m, target: precision target
  • Small caliber, CHF 29 per person 5 shots at 50m, target: precision target
  • Crossbow, CHF 24 per person 5 arrows at 10m, target: apple slice
  • Blowpipe, CHF 24 per person 5 arrows at 7m, target: precision target



  • Per discipline you have to calculate with about 45 minutes

Group size:

  • Up to 10 persons per discipline can shoot at the same time
  • The experience is limited to 40 persons, who can shoot in 4 disciplines at the same time


  • Creation of a ranking list including 3 prizes flat rate CHF 69