With strategy and concentration to victory

An group activity for up to 50 people

As a group, cooperation, organization and teamwork are needed. This team event is about building the longest underground domino creation.

When built, it means holding your breath. The first stone is tapped and the seconds are counted until the last coloured stone has fallen.

If the record is broken, it is published in the "Cavern of Fame" on our website hagerbach.ch.

If available, our pleasantly heated seminar room Steigersaal or the beautiful event cavern will be made available for this activity. Alternatively, the great "Glück auf" cavern can be used.



  • 90 minutes


  • Walk to the pitch 10 minutes
  • Instruction 5 minutes
  • Building the dominoes 50 minutes
  • Tap stone, measure time and clean up 15 minutes
  • Way back 10 minutes


  • CHF 490 Package up to 25 Pers
  • each additional person CHF 15