A time travelling gastronomy adventure

A company event concept for up to 180 people

The guests embark on a unique journey through time, through extraordinary and unforgettable worlds.

Contrary to expectations, you will be taken along a lantern-lit path to the mysterious upper entrance of the tunnel and greeted by the first fire artists.

The way to the aperitif, together with mystical music and other artistic fire performances, will take the participants into a world like 100 years ago.
The fine and rustic aperitif inside the tunnel, supported by images of the construction of the old Gotthard railway tunnel projected onto the rock, gives the guests the necessary time to arrive in the past.

At the end of the aperitif and to start the onward journey, there is an impressive detonation demonstration with ten detonations.

After the shock wave has sent the travellers on their way, the guests are entertained with a fascinating fire show.

Now we bid farewell to the past. The gate of the future, an abstract and moving projection, is passed through in amazement. In the future everything is suddenly colourful. Colourfully illuminated walls and service personnel with jackets that change colour greet the travellers in the Spaceship Hagerbach. An extraordinary extraterrestial dinner awaits the guests. This ambience offers the unique opportunity to present the participants with the future visions of your company.

Last but not least, the time travel through the "Wormhole" leads back to the present
... but is everything really back to the way it was?

Pre dinner food

Food aperitif:

Dark, rustic bread

Alpine cheese

Country Hunter

Dried meat

and dried fruit

Drinks Apéro:

Sweet must from the must balloon

Regional white wine

Mineral water

Food (future)

While eating, the guests are teleported into the future and experience a kind of "Spaceship Hagerbach". The entrance is a futuristic menu card with a QR code. A website is opened and the menu and further information about the event is shown.



"Alien Blood with Jumping Goat" (Green Herb Cream Soup with Shrimp)

Main course

Big Bang of young beef (veal stew) Potato moons (gnocchi) Stardust (Parmesan) Vegetable meteorites (colorful vegetables)


Atmosphere in a glass of raspberry jelly, dark chocolate mousse, light chocolate mousse


Basic price CHF 8900, plus CHF 140 per person for catering


- Apéro (Selection Hagerbach)
- Lanterns illuminate and secure the way to the aperitif
- Mystic music in the entrance gallery (incl. rental and installation of equipment)
- Rent and set up Aperitif Place inside the mountain
- Safety oversight
- Decoration
- From the "Future" area onwards, beautifully illuminated with coloured headlights
- Room rental event cavern for dinner
- Three-course menu "Spaceship Hagerbach
- Drinks with wine, beer, water and coffee
- MenuCard with QR Code
- Wall and gate projections with futuristic concepts
- Table decoration moon balls and stones
- Speaker and microphone
- Furniture and tableware
- Chair covers and bows
- Complete final cleaning
- Lamps illuminated
- Technical supervision
- Service


Optional, but ideal for the experience:

Big Bang Spreng Demo

as conclusion of the aperitif package CHF 750

The feeling of the blast wave is a highlight, which makes a visit to our tunnel an experience.

It is a "lay-on detonation", so no rock is blasted. The blasting has been approved by the SUVA and is safe.

Fire artist CHF 2750

The experienced troupe of the Fireknights provides the perfect ambience when entering the tunnel and the main show ignites the emotions.

(subject to availability)


Movie: Themed Event "Back to the future"

Photo Gallery "Back to the future"