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Videos Main Stage

Opening of the Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival

Looking back at the Highlights of the opening of the Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival on the 18th of June 2021 with Felix Amberg and Miriam Rickli on the main stage.



Reinhold Messner, Highlights from the Keynote Speech

What does the great adventurer Reinhold Messner, have to say to young people who want to make a difference?
How will we deal with the building land in the Alpine kingdom in the future?
If Mount Everest is now only a trail, how will anyone feel the greatness, the majesty, the danger of the mountain?

These and other questions, as well as all highlights of the keynote speech at the Hagerbach NXT 50 can be seen here.

Round Table NXT 50 anno 1970

A top-class panel reviews the last 50 years and dares to look into the future.

With Reinhold Messner, Felix Amberg, Anita Fetz and Tom Melbye.

(Video is in German language with English subtitles)

Hagerbach and its partners today

On the road with its partners - the Hagerbach Test Gallery presents itself future-oriented:

With the launch of the hybrid Hagerbach Academy, the openining of the underground inspiration room, digital roadmaps in the laboratory and more.

Vision Campus Ostschweiz

The Vision Campus Ostschweiz was presented at an action-packed event with well-known athletes from the region.

What is the vision? Why the location Sarganserland?

Is the project climate neutral and which sports team will win the competition inside the mountain?

(Video is in German language with English subtitles)

More about Campus Ostschweiz

Mission Earth First - Launch celebration

Earth’s survival is priority number one, and that’s why Mission Earth First connects underground space with outer space, going beyond the obvious and promoting the planning of sustainable underground spaces.

The festival was the symbolic launch of Mission Earth First.

More about Mission Earth First

SCAUT NXT 50 MainStage Highlights

SCAUT bundles knowledge, expertise and technology from tunnelling to further develop them as the world’s first competence center of its kind. SCAUT presented partner projects such as Underground Green Farming, Edge Computing Underground and Tunnel Digitalization Center. See the highlights of the stream on Main Stage including the broadcasts directly from the Data and Digitalization Centers.

More Information about SCAUT.

Videos Exhibitors

We introduce: The Hagerbach Academy

The Hagerbach Academy is a new training concept of the VSH and apart from the traditional training offers with real physical trainings on site, we have now upgraded and complemented the offer with the new digital and virtual possibilities that are available to us today.

More information about the Hagerbach Academy.

(Video is in German Language with English subtitles)

Impressions Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival