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Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival is supported by the sponsors: ADVK + ASTAG, Amberg Group, Identec, Normet, VSH Schiess- und Ausbildungszentrum and Vigier Rail

Switzerland now has a sewerage network of over 130,000 km with 800 connected wastewater treatment plants. In order to protect the population and the environment from harmful substances as well as pathogens and contamination, specialists are needed in the industry who can take the necessary precautions with their knowledge and skills.

For this reason, companies have joined forces years ago and have started a joint project "Training for drainage technologist EFZ and drainage practitioner EBA". For this purpose, the training umbrella association of the sewer maintenance industry (advk) was founded in 2009. An association that, thanks to active members in the field of drainage technology, has developed two specialized as well as professional job profiles. In 2014, the very first apprentices were allowed to start their training. In 2016, the very first drainage practitioner EBA graduates graduated, followed in 2017 with the very first drainage technologist EFZ.

The advk as an association stands behind quality instead of quantity and attaches great importance to the fact that in basic as well as adult education the focus is on technical and action competence. The ability to act according to the situation, taking into account acquired knowledge, standards and logical considerations. On the other hand, the advk supports the training companies as well as all companies or organizations that have questions and suggestions in the field of drainage technology. The advk creates synergies that promote cooperation and interests in the industry.


Amberg offers expertise in the complete cycle of infrastructure design, construction and maintenance for over 50 years. Amberg's extensive know-how results from more than 800 completed projects worldwide.

The intelligent use of surface and subsurface space is always in focus. For Amberg's customers and partners, this combination of experience and knowledge results in an optimal cost and schedule efficiency.

The strength of Amberg is its wide range of services in the complete life cycle of infrastructure buildings. The unique combination of the companies Amberg Engineering, Amberg Technologies, Amberg Loglay and the Hagerbach Test Gallery to the Amberg Group enables a strong cooperation. Solutions, products and services are developed together and implemented successfully. In-house software developments, the application of the latest working methods such as BIM and the use of machine learning show the innovative strength of Amberg.

This combined innovative strength is the key to successfully shape the digital future. New and alternative ways of using surface and subsurface space, especially in urban areas, will be of great relevance in this future. Amberg takes up these challenges. By creating competence centres, Amberg is able to channel the know-how of all its companies into the development of sustainable solutions. Amberg can count on its own visionary experts, draw on the experience of successful projects and benefit from active research cooperation.

Amberg Group

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is a global provider of wireless solutions that deliver visibility to improve operational processes and the security of personnel in harsh environments. Our industry-specific solutions are built on robust technology for the world’s leading companies in the Oil & Gas, Marine & Ports, Mining & Tunneling as well as in Smart Factory industries. The blue chip customers we serve have the highest demands for performance, reliability and endurance. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has been a front runner in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) over the last 20 years, long before the term IIoT got established.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS offers turn-key solutions based on proven hardware and software that has been developed in-house and installed by our global service teams. All our products are certified by authorized bodies for the harsh and hazardous environments our clients operate in.

Our professional service teams assist our customers worldwide  during all stages of a project. From system design, installation, site acceptance tests to life cycle management. We deliver solutions that create the highest possible value.

With offices in Austria, Norway, Germany, the United States and Australia, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has a geographical footprint that enables us to offer the same service and quality level across the globe.

Identec Solutions

Normet improves underground mining and tunnelling processes with knowledge and technology translating process expertise into actions and financial results.

Normet has a broad underground offering:

  • Equipment for concrete spraying and transport, explosives charging, scaling, lifting, installation works, and logistics.
  • Construction chemicals for sprayed concrete, admixtures for all types concrete, injection systems for rock improvement, reinforcement systems for high deformation conditions, spray applied waterproofing systems and needed chemicals for Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) technology covering hard rock, Earth Pressure Balance (EPB), open face and slurry type machines.
  • Innovative rock reinforcement products that reduce the risk and consequences of accidents and facilitate high productivity in challenging rock conditions.
  • Services for underground mining and tunnelling, including for example performance and field services.

Normet has delivered over 14,000 built-for-purpose underground machines which are serviced and supported with a broad service portfolio. Normet is a Finnish company operating globally with over 50 locations in 30 countries worldwide and employs over 1400 business professionals.


The underground shooting and training center with the diverse offer for hunters and shooters.

We have no caliber restrictions and offer unique shooting opportunities.

Our offer includes:

  • Combat hall ( 50m long x 10m wide)
  • Shooting cinema, the only one in Switzerland where you can shoot with live ammunition.
  • 100m shooting lanes with individually adjustable distances
  • Training for private persons and security companies
  • Weapons sales and consulting
  • Ammunition
  • Events for companies and private persons


VSH Schiess- und Ausbildungszentrum

Safe, efficient rail networks are the lifelines of public transport. Quality and reliability are crucial factors here. This is exactly why so many railway companies and transport services in Switzerland and abroad rely on Vigier Rail.

Vigier Rail produces railway sleepers with different processes using the most technically up-to-date equipment. With many decades of experience, we can offer solutions to suit requirements for all project sizes – irrespective of the track gauge and type of sleeper.

While guaranteeing quality, functionality and long service life at all times, the focus of Vigier Rail is always on sustainability and on closing the raw material loop. Our innovations therefore, include not only state-of-the-art technology for traceability like embedded RFID tags in the sleepers, but also improvements in the sustainability of our products. Vigier Rail has researched on an eco-friendly concrete mix for years and is now able to produce sleepers with recycled concrete as well as CEM-II cement with a reduced CO2 footprint. This innovation saves up to 8’000 tons of gravel and 570 tons of CO2 every year – conserving our natural resources day after day.

Vigier Rail

Siemens in Switzerland

As one of the largest and most popular technology employers in the country, Siemens has been shaping the future of Switzerland since 1894. Every day, 5200 employees work with more than 30,000 customers to provide excellent solutions for the future in the fields of energy, industry, logistics, mobility, building technology and healthcare. Strong research and development, close cooperation with universities and the headquarters of the Smart Infrastructure business in Zug with around 70,000 employees worldwide make Siemens a decisive factor for Switzerland as a center of knowledge. Siemens Switzerland is playing a pioneering role in the decarbonization and digitization of infrastructure.