The Hagerbach Test Gallery celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2020. The mining engineer Rudolf Amberg founded the company in 1970 with the aim of creating a unique environment for testing and innovations.

Over the last five decades this goal has been consistently pursued, and so today the tunnel system offers our customers ideal conditions for research, development, testing, 1:1 trials and events.

The long tradition, strong partnerships and the pioneering spirit drive our team to a sustainable use of the underground now and in the future. Partner projects such as the Aquaponics Prototype or the Underground Data Centre bear witness to innovative strength and mark the beginning of the next 50 years of our success story.

On this page you can find out everything about the anniversary activities as well as exciting facts about the Hagerbach Test Gallery. You will also gain an insight into our history and the future. 

Hagerbach NXT 50 series of webinars and NXT 50 Festival
Please find more information about our serie of webinars and the Festival here:

Main events

NXT 50 Festival
Hybrid Event (live/digital)



Find out everything about the anniversary year here

Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival
Amberg Technologies live stream from Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival
Amberg Engineering live stream from Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival
Congratulations from Marco Dürst, Wolfgang Aldrian and Stefan Maurhofer
Eventpage explanation video
Amberg Group live streams
Campus Ostschweiz live on stage
Sika live stream
Congratulations from Michel Deffayet and Marilu Melo Zurita
Implenia live stream
The ACO Rain Worlds
Exhibitor programme Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival
Congratulations from Thomas Stocker
Hagerbach: The Superhero Story
Congratulations from Christoph Gull
Congratulations from Thomas Hirschi
Congratulations from Eric Odkrans
Congratulations from Jinxiu (Jenny) Yan
Congratulations from Hans-Olivier Schiegg
Congratulations from Holger Simon
Amberg Group sponsors the Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival
Congratulations from Marcel Paulitsch, Anne Liehr and Jürgen Ziegler
Congratulations from Urban Siller
Newest Sponsor at Hagerbach NXT 50
Congratulations from Thomas Toldo
Congratulations from Aldo Ceresola
Congratulations from Lawrence Halls
Congratulations from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Leucker
Sponsor at Hagerbach NXT 50
Is there a right to be wrong or was it wrong to be right?
Congratulations from Nicole & Gilla
What does climate activism have to do with racing cars?
Congratulations from Michael Lierau
1 program that inspires - instead of 1000 empty words!
Webinar "Planning for Sustainable Underground Spaces"
Keynote speaker Reinhold Messner at the Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival
Festival registration is now open!
Congratulations from Tom Melbye
Congratulations from Gian-Luca Lardi
Pioneers and founders, who is ready to go to Mars?
Partnership with IDENTEC SOLUTIONS
Hosting the Hagerbach NXT 50 Main Stage with versatility and expertise
Congratulations from Beat Tinner
Congratulations from Martin Keller
Congratulations from Jürg Stahl
Hashtag out now!
Interview with Diamantbohr AG