A scheme that has has been developed in recognition that the construction industry requires  a  means  of  identifying  expert  nozzlemen.

Sprayed  concrete  applications  are  one  of  the  most  essential  activities  in underground construction. The nozzleman has significant influence during the last production step of the sprayed concrete; controlling the quality of the sprayed concrete, safety and also the economical outcome for the contractor. EFNARC is the first organisation to develop guidelines for the certification of nozzlemen  for  wet  sprayed  concrete  application  which  is  most  common  in underground constructions.

On behalf of EFNARC the International Centre for Geotechnics and Underground Construction (CUC) is offering Examiner Assessment and Accreditation for the Nozzleman Certification Scheme.

The EFNARC Nozzleman Certification Scheme is not a training course; it will only offer certification to nozzlemen who have already gained the necessary experience and can demonstrate their technical knowledge and practical ability.

The scheme has been developed in recognition that the construction industry requires  a  means  of  identifying  expert  nozzlemen (minimum 5 years experience). The  scheme  is  currently limited to wet, robotic sprayed concrete and has been developed primarily for international experts. The scheme will operate through national examiners who will assess nozzlemen for their theoretical and practical skills at their workplace. The first stage of the scheme is to identify and accredit suitable examiners through the attendance of an EFNARC Examiner Assessment Course. Nozzleman Certification wil follow the successful accreditation of Examiners.


Next Dates:


  • Tue 20th - Thur 22nd Sep 2022


  • Tue 9th - Thur 11th Mai 2023
  • Tue 19th - Thur 21st Sep 2023


Day 1

09.00 am to 05.00pm

  • Introduction to course procedure
  • concrete technology (theory)

Day 2

08.00 am to 05.00 pm

  • Concrete technology (practical demonstration)
  • Sprayed concrete application (theory and practical)
  • Assessment of sprayed concrete application
  • Operation of EFNARC Nozzleman scheme

Day 3

08.00 am to 04.00 pm, Assessment of participants

  • Theoretical (written test)
  • Practical (assessment of nozzleman)
  • Oral examination




Course Fees:

  • CHF 3'900 per person
  • CHF 3'400 EFNARC members

Course fee includes:

  • Course lessons providing a summary of all contents of the certification.
  • Assessment of participants as basis for certification. Certification by EFNARC and publication on EFNARC website.
  • Lunch, dinner and transfer between Hagerbach Test Gallery and the hotel.

Course fee does not include:

  • Hotel accommodation & breakfast (will be arranged by course organisation on behalf of the participants).
  • Transfer from and to the airport.
  • Costs of overnight stay.
  • Flights/travel


  • latest 4 weeks prior to the course


  • If there are too few course applications the course will be cancelled. 3 weeks notice will be given, if that is the case.
  • Cancellations by participants are only accepted in written from and must be received by at least 4 weeks before the course starts.


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