Shotcrete basics and practical training

The nozzleman is ultimately responsible for the quality of sprayed concrete. In the interest of the contractor, he operates and maintains the equipment and ensures safety at the workplace. EFNARC has recognized the importance of trainings for nozzlemen and has developed an internationally recognized
certification system.

The nozzleman certification system with recognised EFNARC examiners was introduced in 2009. In view of the rapid development of modern
robotic application equipment and new concrete technology, the need for education and training has increased.

With the EFNARC Certificate C2, a standardized quality framework for training and assessment was created, combining theory and practice with Virtual Reality (VR) simulator technology.


Next Dates:

  • Mo 12th till Thu 16 December 2022


  • The course can be booked at any time with a minimum attandance of 2 persons as we have the simulator permanently on premises now.


The course offered, is characterised by a balanced theoretical and practical part with the following key topics:

  • concrete technology
  • equipment
  • shotcrete from the planner´s point of view
  • application and spraying technology
  • surfaces & curing
  • standards & tests
  • health and safety,environmental protection
  • regional regulations
  • VR simulator training
  • practical applications and trainings


Providers of this EFNARC course are:

  • CAMPUS SURSEE (Swiss training centre for construction experts)
  • CUC (Centre for Geotechnics and Underground Construction)


  • Certified EFNARC examiners and instructors

Course Fee:

  •  CHF 4'300 without lodging
  • CHF 4'800 with lodging
  • This course is entitled to Swiss Parifonds.
  • The costs include lunch, drinks during breaks and conference documents.


  • Hagerbach Test Gallery Ltd., Polistrasse 1, CH-8893 Flums Hochwiese


  • In writing per Email up to 4 weeks before the start of the course.

Email Contact: Erich Lassnig

Confirmation or cancellation:

  •  is possible until 2 weeks before the start of the course.


  • The payment of the course fee will be made to CUC according to the details on the invoice and must be made before the start of the course.


  • Cancellations by participants will only be accepted in written form and must be made at least 3 weeks before the start of the course, otherwise the course fee will be charged in full.

Proof of qualification:

  • After successful participation in the nozzleman training, the passed exam and the practical proof, you can apply for your proof of qualification (EFNARC Certificate C2) with international recognition (ITA endorsed) at EFNARC. The cost of the EFNARC Certificate C2 is EUR 100.





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