Shotcrete basics and practical training

The Nozzleman is ultimately responsible for the quality of sprayed concrete. In the interest of the contractor, he operates and maintains the equipment and ensures safety at the workplace. EFNARC has recognized the importance of trainings for Nozzlemen and has developed an internationally recognized certification scheme.

The Nozzleman Certification Scheme with recognised EFNARC Examiners was introduced in 2009. In view of the rapid development of modern robotic application equipment and new concrete technology, the need for education and training has increased.

With the EFNARC Nozzleman Certificate, a standardized quality framework for training and assessment was created, combining theory and practice with Virtual Reality (VR) simulator technology.

The Nozzleman certificate is obtained after attending and passing the course and handing in proof of minimum 40 days robotic spraying experience. Inexperienced operators will be able to attend the course and come back to do Module 5 once they can prove the required spraying experience.

Why should your company send employees to the Nozzleman training at Hagerbach?

  • Wet and robotic spraying is safer for your employees. Using a controller, employees have a safe distance from the spraying area and are less likely to come into contact with rebound and dust.
  • Spray training at our site simulates the real working environment in the tunnel. Other training courses that take place outdoors are too far removed from reality.
  • The training in the Hagerbach Test Gallery helps your employees to become more efficient. The result is less material waste caused by rebound and overspray.
  • Better application technique leads to good quality and higher building safety.
  • When acquiring international business, the internationally recognised certificate can help you to win the contract.
  • The good mix of practice and theory gives the course participants an "all round knowlege" to understand the different aspects of shotcrete technology.
  • for Switzerland: Companies with Parifond membership are entitled to a 50% refund of the course costs.

Next Dates:

  • Mon 20th- Fri 24th December 2023


  • The course can be booked at any time with a minimum attandance of 2 persons as we have the simulator permanently on premises now.


The course includes classroom theory during a full day. The theory involves both basic and advanced theory (concrete and spraying technology, application, surface and curing, testing and HSE).

Each course participant individually completes a theory exam online which includes 30 multiple-choice questions.

The participants go through 10 pre-defined scenarios and assessments on VR-simulators.

The course participant hands in a document showing minimum 40 days of spraying experience. The experience can be gained prior to or after the course, but only those with experience will go through the last day of the course and perform the assessment.

Practical assessment of each participant with a real spraying robot. This module is performed on day 5 of the course for participants that have handed in the work experience documents. Novice operators will do module 5 at a later stage (most probably on their own site).


Providers of this EFNARC course are:

  • CAMPUS SURSEE (Swiss training centre for construction experts)
  • CUC (Centre for Geotechnics and Underground Construction)


  • Certified EFNARC examiners and instructors

Course Fee: (incl. GST/VAT)

  • CHF 4'945 without lodging
  • CHF 5'445 with lodging
  • Parifond members are entitled to a refund of 50% of the course costs.
  • The costs include lunch, drinks during breaks and conference documents.


  • Hagerbach Test Gallery Ltd., Polistrasse 1, CH-8893 Flums Hochwiese


  • In writing per Email up to 4 weeks before the start of the course.

Email Contact: Christina Buxtorf

Confirmation or cancellation:

  •  is possible until 2 weeks before the start of the course.


  • The payment of the course fee will be made to CUC according to the details on the invoice and must be made before the start of the course.


  • Cancellations by participants will only be accepted in written form and must be made at least 3 weeks before the start of the course, otherwise the course fee will be charged in full.

Proof of qualification:

  • Participants with proof of 40 days spraying experience and successfully concluded course will receive proof of qualification (EFNARC Certificate) with international recognition (ITA endorsed) at the end of course.

    For inexperienced Nozzlemen who have passed Module 1-3, can come back once to do Module 5 once they can prove the required spraying experience of min. 40 days. Alternatively, they can agree with the Examiner to have him conduct the assessment directly on a jobsite once the required experience has been acquired.





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