Energy is a central concern to our society.

In order to promote sustainability, it is essential to make optimum use of existing resources. 

In order to promote research and development in the energy sector, the Hagerbach Test Gallery provides leading companies as well as national and international consortia, an appropriate test environment.

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Innovations in the Energy Sector

Waste heat data centres

The Internet and advancing digitalization produce a rapidly growing amount of data.

This data necessitates larger and more secure data centres for storage as well as processing.

The waste heat produced should be used sustainably.

The aim is to reduce energy consumption through intelligent solutions.


  • Data transmission by means of light spectra
  • Sensor and application-controlled lighting systems

Geothermal Energy

Experiments and evaluation of the practical suitability and performance of tunnel absorber systems on the basis of energetic modelling. 

The metrological monitoring of the energy extraction performance under the influence of geothermal and constructional factors, investigates the application purpose for new tunnels or the retrofitting of existing tunnels.

On the basis of the measurement results, solid planning bases are provided for optimal use as cooling or heating.