Education and training are always a topic in every specialist area.

Due to the existing infrastructure, theory and practice can be excellently combined.

The individually designed group rooms and the prerequisites in the entire tunnel system, with attached accredited building material test laboratory, offer ideal demonstration and application possibilities within the scope of training courses.

In addition to the courses, workshops and training courses, we offer an individually tailored culinary range in our restaurant Hagerbach.


We will be happy to respond to your wishes and design your personal seminar. Get in touch with us. We look forward hearing from you.


Sprayed concrete

EFNARC Nozzleman Certification Scheme

The EFNARC Nozzleman Certification Scheme is a certification to Nozzlemen who have already gained the necessary experience and can demonstrate their technical knowledge and practical ability. The Scheme has been developed in recognition that the Construction Industry requires a means of identifying qualified nozzlemen. Training courses for not experienced operators are offered by certified EFNARC examiners.

Dates 2020:

3rd - 5th November 2020

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Nozzleman - Training with Certificate C2

The nozzleman is ultimately responsible for the quality of sprayed concrete. In the interest of the contractor, he operates and maintains the equipment and esures safety at the workplace.

EFNARC has recognized the importance of trainings for nozzlemen and has developed an internationally recognized certification system.

Dates 2020:

07 - 11 September 2020

09 - 13 November 2020

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Health & Safety

Health & Safety course

Recognize danger, act correctly

Consciousness and behaviour can best be changed through descriptive and practical exercises.

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Sewerage systems

ADVK course overview

Courses are held under the umbrella of the four organisations ASTAG, VSA, FES and SGV.

The courses offer theoretical knowledge and practical skills transfer with all that "maintenance of sewerage systems" encompasses.

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Creabeton knowledge transfer "sewerage systems building"

New rules, new concepts, new technique:

The word of sewerage systems continues to develop. In the training centre sewerage "systems building" in the Hagerbach Test Gallery we offer the opportunity to bring your team up the current knowledge with a specific and hands on approach.

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Dräger confined space entry

Learn the basics about dangers and protective measures at entry and work in confined spaces as well as rescue techniques in theory and practical exercises considering various lifesaving scenarios.

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Become a qualified crane operator, from basics to expert including exam.

SUVA officially recognised, compulsory education per the "cranes act"

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Building machines

Building machines

From labourer to machine specialist.
Specific education including build up and maintenance of building machines as well as instruction and exam in the field of building machines operation.

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Tailored and Simulator Based Practical Training for Concrete Machinists

Target group:

Machine operators and prospective machine operators of concrete mixing plants


Using practice-based examples, master the daily challenges, identify the causes of changes and find solutions for compliant production.

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Fork lift trucks

Forklift drivers require special knowledge and skills to fulfil their tasks safely and efficiently.

The courses conclude with a theoretical and practical examination.

Participants receive a SUVA certified forklift drivers licence after successful course completion.

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Refresher course "blasting"

Every 5 years it ist required to refresh and requalify for the "blasting" licence.

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