A blasting demonstrations for a successful event highlight

For smaller groups of up to 60 people, we recommend the live blasting demonstration "Regular". This has the advantage that it can be carried out close to the restaurant/exit of the tunnel and can therefore be used as a good conclusion to a guided tour or briefly during a meal break.


For the complete experience for all senses and twice as many detonations, choose the live blasting demo "Big Bang 4d". A little deeper in the tunnel and more spacious. This blasting can be demonstrated in front of up to 200 people and is especially well suited for larger company events looking for a special supporting activities. The location can also be set up very well for a rustic aperitif, which is then concluded with the blasting before continuing to the event cavern for dinner.

Or something very different

Wine tasting "Grünhag"

An experience for 12 to 35 people.

The "Grünhag" vines of the organic vineyards Bosshart & Grimm are within 5 minutes walking distance from the tunnel. The tasting session is therefore a wonderful add on to 
many of the group activities underground.

Fungus-resistant PIWI grape varieties, White Sapphira, St. John's, Solaris and Red Cabernet Jura, which are otherwise rarely found in our area, can be tasted here.

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