Bookable again from September 2021 onwards.

Due to a temporary project, this activity can only be booked again from September 2021 onwards, thank you for your understanding.

The action-packed group activity

An experience for up to 25 people

Bookable: During the day from Monday to Friday

Your guests take part in one of our group tours without knowing what is going to happen. (Important to make the evacuation an memorable) The group hears and sees explosions and our guides play their part in giving the participants the feeling that this is an emergency. They try to escape, but now it is dark and the escape routes are blocked by fire and other obstacles.

How does the group react and will they find their way out of the tunnel labyrinth?




  • Flat rate CHF 910 (without prior group tour)


  • Pyrotechnics
  • Support team
  • Pre- and postprocessing


  • up to 30 minutes (without guided tour)


  • A second group with an interval of 30 minutes is feasible, price: Flat rate CHF 910