The Wild West adventure gastronomy starts here

A themed event for up to 400 people.

We will transform our big "Glück auf" cavern into a western town for you and your dressed up cowboys and cowgirls to enjoy.

You enter through the saloon's hinged door. The large stage pictures and projections together with the rustic table setting and exquisite decorations transport you into a world far away from everyday life.

Country Music creates a relaxed atmosphere and the Wild West activities such as rodeo riding, hit the lucas and lasso throwing are great fun.

For those who like it a little more relaxed, sip a glass of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey or milk at the six-meter long nostalgia bar.

To satisfy your hunger, there are delicacies like cowboy steak, chicken wings, chili con carne, corn on the cob and more.


Basic price CHF 16'990 plus CHF 160 per person for catering

- Live country music show blocks with George Hug and band (subject to availability)
- Apéritif (Selection Hagerbach)
- Rodeo (simulator), with supervision
- Lasso him, hit Luke and El Toro
- Hire of furniture and crockery
- Decoration (cavern and tables)
- Menu "Wild West"
- Drinks with wine, beer, water, coffee, bourbon whiskey and milk
- Moderation and technology by VSH
- Service
- Room rent "Glück auf" cavern