A treasured gastronomy adventure

A motto event for up to 180 people

"Is this a dream? If it were, there'd be rum." Captain Jack - Pirates of the Caribbean 2

The dream is coming true. There's rum, big ships, cannons and freedom. The freedom to curse cheekily all day long, to gobble up dessert before the main course and to plunder treasures at will. The guests come to the event in disguise, we do the rest.

The event cavern is transformed into a Caribbean pirate world. Food and drink is served to the hungry plunderers and the funny pirate games turn the evening into a pirate fiesta.

So, it's time to get the crew together and turn the landlubbers into true pirates.

Ship ahoy.

Base price CHF 7590, plus CHF 165 per person for catering.

- Animation during the games
- Room and table decorations
- Projection/animation on walls
- Stage technology and lighting, music from playlist
- Moderation by VSH
- Apéritif (Selection Hagerbach)
- Three-course menu "Pirate's Gobble"
- Rum, wine, beer, water and coffee
- Service and room rental

Optional, but ideal for the experience:
- Performance by a steel band (subject to availability) CHF 1540
- Rental palm trees CHF 1320