Oktoberfest atmosphere in every season

A themed event for up to 180 people.

You don't have to wait until the Oktoberfest to put on your dirndl, lederhosen or Edelweiss shirt.

At the Alpine Party in the VersuchsStollen Hagerbach, the different traditions of the Alpine region blend together without any problems. Beer meets Swiss wines and Jägermeister. Pretzels and white sausage complement fine Swiss dishes such as Urner Ryys and Boor, Valais cholera, Glarus Zigerhörnli, Nidwaldner Ofetori and Bündner Capuns.

With the Schlager there is singing, with the yodel there is laughter and dancing is allowed.

Of course games are not to be missed either:

The funny beer coaster pyramid competition, the tricky nail wood stump and the very popular beer tapping championship - ensure a good mood.

The mountain calls!

Basic price CHF 4345, plus CHF 165 per person for catering

- Animation during the games
- Room and table decorations
- Projection/animation on walls
- Stage technology and lighting, music from playlist
- Apéro (Selection Hagerbach)
- Three-course menu "Alpine feast
- Drinks: beer, wine, Jägermeister, water and coffee
- Service and room rental

Optional, but ideal for the experience:
- Live music, on request
- Live ice carving "Capricorn" CHF 1990
- Photobox with unlimited prints CHF 1290