Time for a little thank you

We all know the feeling. The event is set and everything is organised. The day arrives and is over so quickly.

We help you to remember the event even longer and therefore offer presents for guests suitable for events in the Test Gallery.


Alpine cheese matured in the Test Gallery

Ideal as a small thank-you gift for any occasion. A piece of nature in the form of a fine alpine cheese - and even more refined by the maturing process underground.


Per piece à approx. 250gr CHF 8.50
- Freshly cut from the wheel and vacuum-packed shortly before the event.
- Cut by hand, small weight deviations are therefore natural.


The cheese cellar in the Hagerbach Test Gallery

The cheese cellar in the Hagerbach Test Gallery is run by the start-up Alpgeschenk.ch with a lot of passion, heart and soul. It regularly gives the young couple a good reason to come from the top of the mountain to the valley and inside the mountain.

The young alpine couple met by chance in one of the countless Grisons valleys.

Fabian, the alpine dairyman: He was born in the mountains. His home is the Vals Valley in Graubünden. The mountains were his school and he is very connected to nature. He has a calm, serene approach to animals and a wealth of experience, which is very helpful when dealing with the unpredictable. But now he is concentrating on cheesemaking and passing on his experience to his partner, who now looks after the animals.

Helen "the escapee from the Unterland" has already experienced several alpine summers and doesn't want to miss them anymore. After completing her agricultural apprenticeship and gaining experience as a shepherdess and dairymaid on the alp, she decided that herding suited her better. But even Helen can't avoid a bit of office work, that's just part of running a business on your own. But you won't find an Instagram or Facebook account. They prefer to enjoy the moments on the alp and not to categorise and rate them according to likes.

Why a cheese cellar in the Hagerbach Test Gallery?

The conditions in the tunnel are well suited for storing cheese for a longer period of time, so the mild alpine cheese can slowly become mature. The cellar is crucial for the quality of the cheese.
The idea of storing cheese in underground facilities is not new; many houses used to have a natural cellar. But here in the gallery, there's another idea behind it, and that's the shift of above-ground - and increasingly scarce space - into the underground. Fittingly, the cheese cellar is located in the "Inspiration Room" of the Hagerbach Test Gallery, which was created to open up new perspectives and thus promote the United Nations' "Zero Hunger" goal.


The cheese

Alpine cheese Alp Rona Furna
Raw milk semi-hard cheese full-fat

Alp Rona, CH-7232 Furna

Helen spent a summer cheesemaking on this alp and besides the excellent quality of the cheese, this is also the reason why she buys cheese from this beautiful alp every autumn to supplement her own production.

The alp is situated at 1764 metres above sea level in Prättigau and has 80 dairy cows. It produces about 8'400 kg of alp cheese per summer and can be reached from Furna in less than 3 hours hiking.


The screwdriver treasure chest

Who doesn't know it? Whenever it comes to the "small" screws, the right tool is missing!

We will help you to please your guests again and again in the future, because in this compact 24-piece treasure chest you will find all conceivable attachments for all small jobs such as repairs to electrical appliances.

This practical and handy sliding box is available as a gift for only CHF 9.50 per piece.

From 25 pieces, we can also order this product with your own logo, with a minimum lead time of 4 weeks.

Size 170 x 70 x 20 mm